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We want to celebrate your vision for a sustainable future! Shape the drive systems of tomorrow with us!

The Award

At DEUTZ AG, we seek and support young talents like you, who want to shape a more sustainable future through innovation and creativity. With our DEUTZ Greenfield Award and this year’s Special Design Award, we are offering a platform to highlight outstanding academic work and exceptional ideas. We are looking for innovative concepts and technological breakthroughs related to drive and infrastructure systems for commercial vehicles in the off-highway sector that have a significant impact on reducing emissions.

DEUTZ greenfield
award 2024

What’s it all about?

We are promoting academic work with vision and innovation for a sustainable future.

Open to students and young researchers with projects in the fields of sustainable technologies and environmental protection.

The award honors outstanding academic work that offers practicable solutions to reduce the environmental impact of off-highway vehicles and promotes sustainable mobility solutions for commercial vehicles.

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Special Design award

Your task:

160 years of DEUTZ history are closely linked to off-highway solutions and DEUTZ tractors in particular: Revolutionize agriculture with your design idea!

Show us your vision: What will the tractor of the future look like? Use our vintage D30 tractor as inspiration for your design.

Set new standards for sustainable agriculture with your innovative designs.

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May 2024 17th

Submission deadline

Applications are possible up until May 17, 2024.

The Prizes

With our DEUTZ Greenfield Award, we offer you a special platform and recognition for your work and also reward it with attractive cash prizes. A total of over 10,000 euros is up for grabs. In addition, all award winners will be honored at the renowned Kongress #neuland in Aachen.

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Cash prize in Euro

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Special Design Award


Cash prize in Euro

Award Ceremony

We are very pleased to present the DEUTZ Greenfield Award at the renowned Kongress #neuland in Aachen. The Kongress #neuland is considered one of the leading platforms for innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in Germany. Every year, it brings together visionary thinkers, leading experts and young talents to shape the future of industry and technology together. This inspiring environment provides the perfect setting to recognize the outstanding achievements of our participants and celebrate the winners of the awards.

Deutz Greenfield Award 2024

Your innovation matters! You have written a thesis as part of your studies that deals with emission-reduced drive and infrastructure systems for commercial vehicles in the off-highway sector?

Then apply now in just a few steps!

Submission Deadline

Applications are possible up until May 17, 2024.

May 2024 17th

Concrete Task

Your work must have a clear focus on environmentally friendly drive solutions for construction machinery, agricultural machinery or other commercial vehicles in off-highway applications.

Write a short summary or abstract of your work within one DIN A4 page.

Use the online form to apply and submit your work as well as the summary in PDF format.

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Special Design Award

Celebrate DEUTZ’s 160th anniversary with us and create the tractor of the future.

In our 160-year company history, we have been one of the pioneers of agricultural technology. DEUTZ tractors, which still have many fans as classic cars, are an integral part of our company history. We invite you to reinterpret our green tractor with the typical red rims in your design concept: Revolutionize agriculture with your creative design idea and set new standards for sustainable agriculture with your designs.

Concrete Task

Get inspired by the tractor image provided and design your version of our vintage D30 tractor in an innovative design of the future.

Create a short description of your concept within one DIN A4 page.

Submit your idea and description via the online form in PDF format.

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Submission Deadline

Applications are possible up until May 17, 2024.

May 2024 17th

The Jury

Our jury is looking forward to discovering the diversity and innovation of your submissions. With their expertise and perspective on novel solutions and sustainable concepts, they will carefully evaluate the submissions and select those that stand out for their high level of innovation, technical sophistication and potential positive impact on industry and the environment.

Dr. Sebastian Schulte

Chairman of the Board of Management at DEUTZ AG

Dr. Sebastian Schulte has been a member of the Board of Management of DEUTZ AG since 2021 and its Chairman since 2022. As CEO, Dr. Schulte is responsible for technical and central functions, the regions and sustainability. Under his leadership, the company successfully launched the Dual+ strategy program last year. It aims to prepare DEUTZ for the upcoming transformation of mobility, further expand the service business and at the same time exploit growth potential in the classic engine sector. After graduating from the Ruhr University in Bochum, he completed his doctorate at the University of Cambridge. He started his career at ThyssenKrupp AG in 2008. Before joining DEUTZ, Dr. Schulte was Managing Director and CFO of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems.

Prof. Dr. Denise Fischer-Kreer

Head of Professorship for Entrepreneurial Behaviour at the University of Bonn

Prof. Dr. Denise Fischer-Kreer is an internationally recognized expert in the field of sustainability-oriented entrepreneurship and as such has been appointed to lead the Institute for Entrepreneurship at the University of Bonn. With a background as an industrial engineer and a PhD from RWTH Aachen University, she brings a wealth of experience from her time at the start-up center and the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Group as well as from her economic practice at LANXESS AG. Her international perspective is characterized by research stays in India and China, where she was able to expand her expertise at renowned institutes.

Dr. Markus Schwaderlapp

Senior Vice President Research & Development at DEUTZ AG

Dr. Markus Schwaderlapp has been Senior Vice President for Research & Development at DEUTZ AG in Cologne since 2015, where he is responsible for the development of diesel, gas, electric and hybrid drives as well as digital solutions. Prior to this, he worked at FEV GmbH in Aachen for 25 years, most recently as Executive Vice President with responsibility for global engineering and sales in Europe and South America. His academic background includes a master’s degree in materials engineering and a doctorate in mechanical engineering, both obtained at RWTH Aachen University.

Adarsha Kanchana

Head of Green Technology at DEUTZ AG and CEO of Futavis GmbH

Adarsha Kanchana is Head of Green Technology at DEUTZ AG and CEO of Futativs GmbH since 2023. He previously worked at Brose SE for 12 years, last as Global Head of R&D Electronics and Head of Powertrain Electronics. With more than 17 years of experience in automotive electronics, he combines entrepreneurial leadership skills with a profound technical and economical understanding. His academic education includes a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Engineering.


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    Innovation & Sustainability

    Since its foundation in 1864, DEUTZ has stood for pioneering technologies and, as the inventor of the four-stroke principle, has played a key role in shaping the industrial world for 160 years. With our long history of technological innovation and advancement, we want to offer young, dedicated talent a platform that not only paves the way for the next generation, but also actively contributes to overcoming the challenges of tomorrow. We firmly believe that promoting research and development in the field of low-emission drive solutions in the off-highway sector is crucial to creating a sustainable future and breaking new ground.


    Here we answer the most important questions about the award and your participation. You can find more detailed information in our conditions of participation.


    What’s the DEUTZ Greenfield Award?

    This award honors outstanding academic work from technical degree programs that deal with the challenges of emission-reduced drive systems for commercial vehicles in the off-highway sector. The goal is to promote young talents who are active in the fields of sustainable technologies and environmental protection.


    Who can compete for the DEUTZ Greenfield Award?

    Students and young researchers who have developed innovative solutions for sustainable technologies in the field of commercial vehicles or the corresponding infrastructure are invited to apply with their academic work.


    What documents do I need to submit for the DEUTZ Greenfield Award?

    Submit your suitable academic work, e.g. a term paper, technical paper, research paper or thesis or your project in PDF format as well as a short summary of no more than one DIN A4 page summarizing the objectives, content and results.


    What is the Special Design Award?

    Created to mark the 160th anniversary of DEUTZ AG, this award honors creative and innovative designs of our vintage D30 tractor classic. Participants are invited to create their vision of a tractor of the future.


    When and how can I apply?

    Applications can be submitted online via the contact form up to and including May 17, 2024.


    Who selects the winners?

    An expert jury evaluates the submissions based on degree of innovation, creativity and contribution to a sustainable future.


    What prizes can I win?

    Winners will receive a trophy and the above-mentioned cash prizes to recognize and support their outstanding achievements.


    Can I apply for both awards?

    Yes, participants can apply for both awards as long as their projects meet the respective criteria.


    What happens if I win?

    Winners will be contacted by us personally and invited to the award ceremony.

    Upload your data

    Use the upload function to participate and submit your materials:

    For the DEUTZ Greenfield Award, please upload your work and a short presentation of your project in PDF format.

    For the Special Design Award, please upload your work in PDF format. Optionally, you can add a short cover letter in PDF format.

    If you would like to take part in both awards, you can upload all your data together here.

    By submitting your work, you confirm that you agree to our conditions of participation.